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The African American Heritage Society is pleased to offer the following service:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training and Workshops.

This valuable training is available for live delivery via Zoom, webinar, online, or other platforms as suitable for:


Governmental Agencies and Military

Non-profit agencies and organizations

Social Groups, such as book clubs, friend groups, neighborhood associations, and any other interested audiences.

Training and workshops are facilitated by experienced trainers at the doctorate level and/or certified in diversity training.

Training, Workshops, and Retreat topics Include, but are not limited to:


1)  How to talk about race relations with others of your race and those of other races, with the desire to learn, understand and become a catalyst for positive interactions and change, if indicated.

2)  How to create a diverse workplace, on work premises and/or virtual, whereby all individuals can positively contribute to the success of the organization, while also achieving professional growth and development.

3)  Becoming aware of "micro-aggressive statements and behaviors", both as to persons delivering such, and for recipients. How to address without further escalation.

4) Understanding why "Black Lives  Matter" does not suggest that other lives don't, and what it means and WHY it has to be said in one way or another every generation, or really about every 10 years.

Note:  The above is a sampling of the many Training Programs available. If you have an interest in a specific area, please email us with the topic and we will advise as to its availability.

Workshops and Conversation Groups:

1) The Comfort Circle - Groups are provided a "safe non-judgmental" place/opportunity to ask questions and discuss their understanding and/or impressions regarding race, equity, inclusion and diversity. The goal is to leave the training with greater knowledge and insight.

2)  Course on how the races were intentionally segregated by our government with the purposeful intention of creating an underclass thereby fostering the inequities that exist in America at this time. Reading materials will be strongly encouraged upon registration for this course.

3)  Learn about the contributions of Americans of African Descent and how African American History IS in fact American History. Reading materials will be strongly encouraged upon registration for this course.

Cost and Fees:  Determined according to the number of participants and other factors, such as books and curricula materials needed. 

Contact us at: and note the training or workshop you are interested in learning more about, along with your preferred date and time for training.

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